Evolving Dreams Into Reality
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about us

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PT Ematey Magnifiko Kolonia was established in 2015, a company which we built through passion, love, and dedication. We are a creative industry focusing on architecture, graphic design, product development, multimedia and smart building. We are dream chasers who turn your imaginations into reality. Out team consists of different backgrounds such as Architecture, Interior Design, Property Development, Graphic Design, Marketing and IT Multimedia.

With the diversity and open minds, we believe that we are able to create a ground-breaking approach into today’s creative industry. Our principle is built around keeping our clients involved, allowing a “hands on” approach. We hope to create a strong bond of professional relationships through integrity, professionalism, continuous improvements, and consumer orientation.

Evolving Dreams Into Reality

A vessel of creative and passionate minds perceiving greatness in the world of design by bridging between dreams and reality.


Ematey was found by Tandhika Excellentio Yochanan and Erha Mega Andika. Both were high school mates in Indonesia who later on pursued further education in USA and Canada. Chasing after their own passion in architecture and business, both tried to create a correlation between the architectural and business aspect in today’s economy.

We believe that professionalism is built upon trust and chemistry within our team. We create network from a small to a bigger circle that forms a web of connections that is able to work and collaborate with each other.

We are a creative industry that consist of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, product designers and marketers. Our diversity allows us to work on a project not only from the aesthetical value but also from the business value as well. We are a team that is able to collaborate and make your dreams come true.

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