Surrounded by various Universities, Bale Siswa communal living provides a safe haven for students and parents. It was designed based on the market research of students’ needs that allow us to work on the design from the specific requirements on how to make their stay and their study more pleasurable.

Bale Siswa combines the comfort of private units with the lively and collaborative common areas that embraces the youthful energy and triggers the growth of the inhabitants. With the area of 511 m2 the building consists of 30 units and 200 m2 area of public space which allows the students to study, mingle, and create events at the property. Bale Siswa endorses the co-living concept within the occupants by creating public events, sharing sessions and open discussions about the campus life.

Bale Siswa combines the contrast of white and a tad of black with an earth accent tone of terracotta. The presence of ventilation holes allows the air circulation and sunlight to enter the corridors. The surrounding rice fields and mountains inspire the design to create leveling between the structures. Stairs are located in the middle of the building for access towards the rooms.

Bale Siswa was constructed within 6 months. Our goal was to start operating before the new school year begins. Being able to finish on time, the building was fully occupied within 2 months of operation.

Client: Mrs. Ade Nurul
Location: Jatinangor, Bandung