Kendil is a traditional Javanese clay pot. Through the name, Studio Kedil is a co- working space that dreams to combine both traditional and contemporary aspects of design. Finishings and materials used in this buildings are exposed brick, exposed concrete, polycarbonate, and printed ceramic tiles that are often used in the Javanese Palace.

Studio Kendil consists of a communal area where people work together on a big shared table, a dedicated area where people can work more privately and get their own storage space, and three meeting rooms that is separated by foldable doors which allows the three small meeting rooms to be converted into one big meeting space. All the doors that separates these areas are foldable, which means these divided rooms can become one big event space.

Furniture were made rather modern that fits users’ comfort such as multifunctional sofa that turns into storage space when needed and also bean bags for small informal meetings and a relaxing work day. The bean bag area sits on an artificial grass carpet in front of the bar to maximize the relaxing atmosphere.

Client: Studio Kendil
Location: Bogor, Indonesia